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jiaxing lead heavy machinery co.,ltd.
jiaxing lead heavy machinery co.,ltd.

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    Central Ship Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. (Jiaxing Lead Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a private enterprise, started in 2001 from a small foundry for castings and machining workshop, and re-organized in 2008 with focus on large forgings and machining engineering.

    We are an exportation-oriented manufacturer and professional exporter for various forgings and machined components that are widely used in oil and gas, rolling mills, mining, metallurgy, refinery, ship-building, power industries, etc..

    CSM is led by an excellent team, including senior engineers and technicians with 20-30 years?experience in forging and heat treatment, experts in material, and technicians with decade’s experience in machining. We create amiable atmosphere and efficient communication since our team are proficient in multi-languages including Chinese of course, English, Japanese, French, etc.

    We provide solutions to forging and machining engineering. Through joint efforts with research institutions and academies, we are innovative in techniques and strong in utilizing and developing more cost-effective work pieces. From sourcing of raw material, forging, turning, heat treatment, to

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    In the beginning of year 2013, we joined the renowned Shanghai Hudong Forging Plant for strategic long term cooperation, which greatly increases our supply capability from forging parts to cover big castings and fabrications, and also enable us to supply with classifications and issue certificate per EN10204/3.2.
-(Aug 2,2013)

    By end of July 2013, Central Ship Machinery (Jiaxing) Co. ,Ltd. (CSM) comes on stage in replacement of Lead Machinery, which inaugurates expansion of business range and meanwhile focus on specialized shipbuilding field, supplying various forging, machining parts, big castings, and steel fabrication.
- (July 30,2013)



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Central Ship Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. (Jiaxing Lead Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.)?
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